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Christmas Time, the time of lights

By 7. December 2023pluggable timer

For all types of lighting –
topica smart

You can already feel it. The festive. The lustre. The joy. This magical atmosphere only exists once a year, at Christmas time. And what would Christmas be without lights? Whether an Advent wreath, illuminated stars, Christmas trees or fairy lights. While it is dark and uncomfortable outside, these lights brings us joy and comfort.

Controlling your Christmas lights is now very easy. With the topica smart timer from Grässlin, the all-rounder for your home.



The topica smart socket timer is not only incredibly user-friendly, it also impresses with its high level of functionality. It is the perfect partner for all your household applications. The timer has a weekly and an annual function, as well as a pulse, cycle and random function, allowing it to be customised to your individual needs. It is also one of the few socket timers on the market that has an integrated astro function and thus adapts to the seasons all by itself.

This makes the timer particularly suited for lighting control. Especially at Christmas time, when many people like using fairy lights, illuminated Christmas trees and the like, the topica smart is the ideal companion. The topica smart can be used for all tasks in private homes, as well as in the industrial and commercial sector.

topica smart

  • Plug-in time switch
  • Schuko plug
  • Weekly function
  • Yearly function
  • Astro function
  • Pulse/cycle/random function
  • Can be operated with a smartphone (Bluetooth)
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