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Digital time switch module with:

  • Astro programs (sunrise/sunset)
  • adjustable offset of 0…99 min

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The time switch module FMD easy C1 is suitable
for installation and provides versatile application
options throughout buildings and outdoors. The
special thing about this time switch module is that
it is able to process Astro programs. This means
that the time switch calculates sunrise and sunset
times automatically depending on the location and
can therefore switch applications on and off depending
on the position of the sun. The FMD easy
is designed for installation in customer-specific
switching applications. All FMD and FM modules
are identical in terms of size and have the same
terminal assignments. They are therefore interchangeable.

Operating voltage
230V AC
50 – 60 Hz
Shortest switching times
Weekly program: 1 min/pulse: 1 s
Incandescent/halogen lamp load
2000 W
LED load
300 W
Stand-by consumption
< 6 VA
Time accuracy
< ± 0.5 s/day at 20 °C
Prog. functions
Astro programs (sunrise/sunset)
and adjustable offset of 0...99 min.
Ambient temperature
Power reserve
6 years
Relay outputs
IP 20
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