talento smart CE2


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  • 2 channels
  • Channel extension for setting up a system with up to 8 channels in combination with talento smart S25

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Common functions

  • The system version talento smart S25 enables installers to build a complete system with up to 8 channels in combination with the extension modules talento smart CE2.
  • The new LAN module enables rapid and easy data transmission via LAN network. Which makes life significantly easier for fitters. The talento smart LAN module can be used to create different templates on a PC and then connect these to up to five talento smart S25 timers, without any trouble.
  • Digital DIN-rail timer with 800 memory spaces for creating 50 date-specific programmes (ON, OFF Cycle, Impulse, Random ON, Random OFF) and 50 date-independent programmes (ON, OFF Cycle, Impulse, Random ON, Random OFF) with a minimum switching time of 1 minute (ON/OFF) or 1 second (cycle, impulse).
  • Free weekday block formation. Summer/winter time adjustment can be automatic, date-specific or deactivated. 12/24 h setting. Switching state display. Integrated hours counter with maintenance mode. Manual switch: Automatic, Fix ON/OFF, Override. White display lighting makes it easy to read. Non-volatile memory (EEPROM) for storing programmes in the event of a power outage. Power reserve via battery of up to eight years. The clock can be sealed and can be protected with a PIN to prevent unauthorised access. Programming is performed either directly on the clock or conveniently by means of mobile devices and the corresponding apps (Android and iOS) and PC software.

  • Show Window Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Hydroponic Systems
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Ponds
  • Sports Fields
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Retail Stores
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
Operating voltage
110–230 V AC
50–60 Hz
2 modules
Installation type
DIN rail
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Power reserve
Switching capacity at 250 V AC, cos phi = 1
16 A
Switching capacity at 250 V AC, cos phi = 0,6
10 A
Incandescent/halogen lamp load
2600 W
Energy saving lamps
1000 W
LED lamps < 2 W (typ.)
100 W
LED lamps > 2 W (typ.
600 W
Shortest switching times
1 min
Time accuracy at 25 °C
typically ± 0,3 s/day (Quartz)
Stand-by consumption
< 1 W
Type of protection
IP 20
Protection class
II according to EN 60 730-1
Ambient temperature
–20 °C … +55 °C
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Data sheet
Instructions — talento smart

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