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Spring with the topica smart!

🌼Spring is here and it is finally garden time again. Now we are sowing and planting. For everything to thrive optimally, plants need enough water. Especially in a large garden or when time is short, an automatic watering system is the ideal solution. This can be easily controlled with the topica smart time switch from Grässlin. 🌻

The topica smart is a Schuko socket time switch that can be used for all switching tasks in the domestic and industrial sector. Thanks to its wide range of functions, it is a variable partner for time and lighting control, precisely controlling all devices to the minute.

By the way, the topica smart can be used not only in the garden, but also for house plants and in greenhouses. Here, irrigation can also be controlled using the topica smart. Or, it can control the lighting for sensitive plants.

4 tips for watering using the topica smart

Controlling an irrigation system

Controlling an automated irrigation system at a fixed time.

Controlling programs via Bluetooth

Setting the time of watering by maintaining the programs via the smartphone app.

Setting watering cycles

Optimum watering at different watering cycles with the cycle function.

Sensible irrigation

Switching on the water supply before sunrise and after sunset using the astro function.

topica smart

  • Plug-in time switch
  • Schuko plug
  • Weekly function
  • Yearly function
  • Astro function
  • Pulse/cycle/random function
  • Can be operated via smartphone
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Plants need light!

Plants not only need water, but also light. During the winter months, it is often too dark in houses and flats. Special plant lamps can help to grow houseplants or herbs. Such lamps are also a great help when growing young vegetables indoors or in a greenhouse. Lamps and lights can be easily controlled using the topica smart.