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We present – the new multifunction relay tako MF 200

By 29. April 2024Light Control

Multifunction relay tako MF 200 –

One appliance, many possibilities

The multifunction relay can be used for universal applications in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as for various switching tasks in private homes. The tako MF 200 can be used to control lighting, fans and ventilation, air conditioning systems, conveyor belts, machines and much more. 

The multifunctional timing relay is used in a multitude of processes and systems. It is easy to install, has an integrated timer and practical rotary switches for easy operation. The extensive time setting range from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours and 10 freely selectable functions make the tako MF 200 the perfect partner for your control systems.

tako MF 200 in use

tako MF 200 in a hotel

In hotel rooms, the lighting and electricity are often controlled via the hotel card. Once the guest inserts the hotel card, the lighting and electricity are switched on; when the guest removes the card again, everything will be switched off. This is to prevent energy being consumed when the guest is not present. 

However, guests do not want to be left in the dark while leaving the room. This is where the tako MF 200 multifunction relay comes in, which ensures that the electricity is still available for a short time by providing a time delay, even if the card has already been removed.

tako MF 200 in a bathroom

Many bathrooms or toilets do not have a window and therefore need to be ventilated with the help of a ventilation system. This is often linked to the light and switches on or off with the light.

However, to ensure fresh air in the bathroom, the fan should not always switch off immediately. The tako MF 200 time relay can be used to control the ventilation in the bathroom so that the preset time continues to run even if the light has already been switched off.

However, the time delay is just one of many functions that can be performed with the tako MF 200. You can find out more about the functions and applications of the tako MF 200 on our website. Simply click on the product below.

tako MF 200

  • Electronic time relay
  • Rotary switch for various functionalities (10 functions)
  • Very extensive time setting range from 0.1 sec. – 100 h
  • 1 channel
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