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Energy saving tips for 2023

By 14. February 2023December 6th, 2023Company

Energy saving tips for 2023

Did you also start the new year with good intentions? Many people use the new year to change certain things. One major topic that remains important is energy saving. The past year has shown that energy is not available without limits. For economic and ecological reasons, it always makes sense to identify and exploit energy-saving potentials. In this context, time switch technology from Grässlin opens up completely new possibilities.
In our tips below, you will find out which issues you need to pay attention to in order to start the year in an energy-efficient way.

Intelligent lighting control

Tip 1: Switching off has an effect!

Seeing well even during the dark season and still save energy.
Smart devices from Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik make it easy.
Take a look at our devices for saving energy.

talento smart with astro function

Control the lighting simply based on time and location using time switches with astro function. They allow the lighting to be switched on exactly when it is needed. The time switch uses geographical data to calculate sunrise and sunset. This way, your lighting is only in use when it is really dark and constant readjustment is not necessary.

devices with astro function

turnus twilight switch

Control the lighting depending on brightness with the turnus twilight switches. They are available with flush or surface-mounted sensor and integrated sensor. For all residential, office, industrial or commercial buildings. They control precisely according to the light quality and thus ensure noticeably greater energy efficiency.

discover twilight switch

Tip 2: Installing motion detectors

Combine safety, comfort and energy efficiency

Whether surface-mounted or flush-mounted, talis detectors are ideally suited for use both indoors and outdoors. Bringing together energy efficiency and cost savings, safety and comfort – all with very little effort. The devices reliably detect all kinds of movements and only switch on the light when necessary, e.g. in bathrooms, basements, warehouses, garages or dark outdoor areas. The detectors are installed in just a few steps, while detection area, switching time and light level value are easily adjusted using the three rotary switches.

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Tipp 3: Energy-efficient control of electrical plug-in devices

Use the topica smart socket timer to control all your electrical plug-in devices at home or at work.

  • Control fan heaters, radiators, air conditioners, fans, ventilators and a lot more
  • Operate the topica smart via Bluetooth using the app on your mobile phone, tablet or PC
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