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In control from everywhere – Smartly networked with the talento smart LAN Module

talento smart LAN modul –

for networks

Under control from anywhere and smartly networked – with the products of the talento smart system devices and the talento smart LAN module. External devices, such as PC, laptop or cell phone, allow easy programming. The LAN module connects you to your installed devices over the Internet, no matter from where you want to access them.

With the talento smart system time switches and the talento smart LAN module, you can conveniently control all your applications from one location. Do you own several department stores or shops, or a chain of petrol stations? Then you should use the clever time switch technology from Grässlin, for example for your advertising signs or shop window lighting.

Using the system version of talento smart, even large applications can be conveniently managed from any location. With the talento smart system, customers benefit from all advantages, for instance:

  • Cost minimisation thanks to remote access
  • Central coordination
  • Location-independent worldwide programming
  • Simultaneous import of new configurations at all branches or all locations
  • Increased efficiency for the customer
  • Independent of available installers

talento smart LAN-module

talento smart LAN

  • Modul for remote access to the talento smart S25 via LAN network
  • Programming by app possible
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System version Astro timers

talento smart S25

  • System version
  • Weekly program
  • 2 channels
  • Type of installation: DIN rail
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talento smart CE2

  • Extension module
  • Channel expansion for developing a system with up to 8 channels in combination with the talento smart S25
  • 2 channels
  • Programming by app possible
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