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News: New Staircase timer trealux 510

By 2. June 2021July 6th, 2021Staircase Time Switches

The differences and highlights in comparison to the former trealux 510

  • Pin assignment: identical to the previous version. Easy to exchange.
  • Operation: No difference to previous version.
  • Low power consumption: Only 0,3W instead of 0,5W.
  • Glow lamp load: 100 mA (3-Conductor circuit)
  • Bulb-/Halogen lamp load: has been reduced from 3600W to 2600W.
  • LED-Lamp load: New 600W.
  • Forewarning: trealux 210 won´t be offered any longer, as this staircase timer didn´t have an included forewarning. Meanwile this is only alower for the exchange market. Therefore we only offer a device which includes a forewarning.


The differences and highlights in comparison to the former turnus 501:

  • Adjustment range brightness: NEW: 2…2000 lux, previously 2…500 lux
  • LED-Display:
    LED 1: Lights up when ambient brightness is < than the set lux value
    LED 2: Lights up when the relay is switched on
  • Sensor-Prinziple: Instead of a cadmium-containing photoresistor, an active photodiode is used. Thus, the sensors and also the sensor inputs on the products are not compatible with the old sensors. (sensors containing cadmium may no longer be introduced to the market).
  • Bulb-/Halogen lamp load: has been increased from 2.000W to 2.600W with the new device.
  • Reduced power consumption: NEW only 0,3W – previously 5W
  • LED-Lamp load: 350W


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