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The new trim 200

By 8. November 2023December 1st, 2023Light Control

To have proper lighting in our living and working spaces is essential. It creates a pleasant atmosphere, affects our mood and enhances the functionality of a room. Now there is a revolutionary way to improve the lighting in your home. The brand new trim 200 dimmer, which can be installed behind any conventional push-button, transforms the lighting into a creative and atmospheric experience!

The new trim 200 using Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 –
unique, convenient, versatile

After the successful model of the trim 100 dimmer, the smallest flush-mounted dimmer on the market, we are pleased to present an extended version, the trim 200, which will soon be available in our shop. The trim 200 can be controlled by app via Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 and features additional functions such as the count-down timer, a staircase light function including pre-warning as well as a fade-out function, for example for the nursery light.

trim 100

  • Simple dimmer, very successful in many countries worldwide
  • Launched in October 2022 at the L&B
  • Smallest size on the market (ideal for flush mounting)
  • Easiest installation due to 3-wire connection
To the product

trim 200

  • App can be operated via Mesh Bluetooth Standard 5.0
  • Identical size, identical installation as trim 100
  • Additional count down timer applications: – Staircase light function incl. pre-warning
    – Nursery light with fade out function
  • Available on the market: January 2024

Dimming with the trim 200 –
Advantages and everyday use examples

Creating atmosphere

Adjust brightness and lighting as desired. For example, create a romantic mood during a candlelight dinner or a bubble bath. Control any room via the app and Bluetooth Mesh 5.0. Dimmed light can also create a relaxed atmosphere in office buildings, for example in meeting rooms.

Saving energy

Save energy and extend the life of the lamps by lowering the brightness. For example, only use the light in the staircase when it is needed, thanks to the staircase light function. Especially in companies with many large rooms, such as halls and conference rooms, there is enormous potential for savings.


Dimmable light sources can highlight the colours of products and objects, for example in retail or also in museums where, thanks to Bluetooth Mesh 5.0, lights in distant rooms can be dimmed effortlessly for special moods.


Create more safety by increasing the brightness as needed, for example in hospitals or industrial plants. In staircases, for example, the light can be set to maximum brightness during emergencies and evacuations.

Eye protection

Protect your eyes by always adjusting the brightness precisely. For example, at the home office or during a cosy evening of reading. It works with all conventional push-buttons.

Sleep peacefully

Taking away children’s fears with a soothing night light, for instance, with lamps and illuminations in the children`s room. The light automatically fades out thanks to the “Fade Out” function.

Controlling the trim 200 –
easily via the Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 wireless network

If you have installed several devices, you can control the trim 200 via Bluetooth and the mesh network. This means that the individual devices in the house or building connect to a network and transmit to the nearest device. Like this, devices in distant rooms can also be controlled.