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Theben Group acquires trademark rights from Grässlin

By 4. February 2021July 6th, 2021Company

In the course of the insolvency proceedings of Grässlin GmbH in St. Georgen, the Theben Group will acquire various trademarks of the company with effect from February 1, 2021. Business operations will be resumed and in the future will take place under the new Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH.

Grässlin has been in insolvency proceedings since September 2020. As part of a so-called asset deal with the insolvency administrator, the Theben Group acquired the rights to the Grässlin corporate brand and brand rights for various products today. Paul Sebastian Schwenk, CEO of Theben Group, emphasizes the importance of the takeover: “The acquisition of the Grässlin brand coincides with Theben’s 100th anniversary. Against this background, it is important for me personally and for us as a company to give this well-known and traditional brand some of its old glory and at the same time to create synergies between Theben and Grässlin. As a family and traditional company, we very much appreciate the value of a brand like Grässlin.”

New start as Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH

The restart of the Grässlin brand is currently being prepared. In the course of this, Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH, based in St. Georgen, has been founded as an independent subsidiary within the Theben Group. An experienced team of developers, supply chain managers, administration and sales / marketing will resume business relationships with long-standing customers. Mr. Gerhard Koch, head of the Controls / HVAC business unit at Theben, will be the managing director of the new organization. He is looking forward to this new challenge and additional task: “The takeover of the Grässlin brand offers us an excellent opportunity to advance the expansion of the Theben Group. We not only gain high-performance and tried-and-tested products, but also a motivated team and an additional potential of loyal customers who have been relying on Grässlin for many years.”

About Theben AG

With 12 subsidiaries worldwide and over 60 agencies, Theben AG, headquartered in Haigerloch, is one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for home and building automation. The family company, founded in 1921, employs almost 750 people worldwide, 615 of them in Germany.

Theben offers intelligent solutions for energy-efficient time, light and climate control around buildings such as time switches, LED spotlights, presence and motion detectors, clock thermostats, Smart Home System, actuators and KNX components. As a member of the board of the KNX Association, Theben is significantly involved in establishing it as the standard in building automation. Theben is also actively driving the energy transition through innovations in the field of smart energy. For example, with the interoperable CONEXA 3.0 Smart Meter Gateway.

The establishment of the new Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH

Currently, the new Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik GmbH is still in the process of being founded. The foundation is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The new company will operate as a legally independent company within the Theben Group.

Beginning of March, our complete product series “talento smart” and “Uni45” will be available again. Furthermore, the following product groups are expected to be available again from April 2021, but in partially modified form:

  • talento (distribution mechanical time switches)
  • tactic digital / analogue (universal time switches)
  • topica (plug-in time switch)
  • turnus (twilight switch)
  • trealux (staircase light switch)
  • taxxo (operating hours counter)

By the end of this year, we will also be able to supply you with our FM & FMD again.

In the coming days, you will receive separate information on these products, including article numbers and pictures.

Within the scope of the new company foundation, there may be one or the other price adjustment for some product groups. We ask for your consideration and understanding.