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Time change – daylight saving time begins

By 21. March 2024pluggable timer

4 tips on how to switch to daylight saving time while you sleep

It is that time again. At the end of March, the clocks will be set forward by one hour. This disrupts the circadian rhythm of many people. Here are some tips to help you cope with the time change:

  • Adjust your sleep rhythm slowly
  • Darken the room for sleeping
  • Stay active
  • Do not plan any important appointments on the day after the time change

Smart time change with Grässlin models

The change to daylight saving time brings yet even more challenges. If you have a time switch that switches the light on at dusk, for example, you will need to reprogram it. Fortunately, Grässlin has a solution for this. With the smart models, you do not need to worry about reprogramming, as the astro function does it for you automatically. You not only save time, but also money, as the lighting will only be switched on when it gets dark.

talento – distribution time switches with astro function

talento smart C15/C25

talento smart S25

talento easy C1

Distribution time switches with astro function

Astro function – can do more than you think

Nearly all high-quality time switches from Grässlin automatically switch to daylight saving time and vice versa. However, if you opt for a device with astro function, you get even more. The astro function adapts your lighting to the natural course of the seasons. The lighting will be switched on when the sun sets and switched off when the sun rises. This brings you a big step closer to the actual reason for the time change, that is, the efficient use of energy. The astro function uses GPS coordinates to determine your location as well as the times of sunrise and sunset.

Flat modules and universal time switches with astro function

FMD smart

tactic smart E

tactic smart A

FMD easy C1

tactic easy C1

Universal time switches with astro function

Your benefits with the astro function

Saving time

No tiresome reprogramming

Saving energy

Lighting only when necessary


Simple to operate


Easily adaptable

topica smart – home time switch with astro function

topica smart

  • Plug-in time switch
  • Schuko plug
  • Weekly function
  • Yearly function
  • Astro function
  • Pulse/cycle/random function
  • Can be operated via smartphone
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