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topica smart – a pluggable timer

By 13. July 2022December 5th, 2023Uncategorized

About fish, timers, summer problems and smart solutions

What do fish have to do with timers?

For many Germans, pets are faithful companions. Dogs and cats are clearly in the lead here, followed by small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs, but fish are also becoming increasingly popular. With fish, however, the effort is somewhat higher, because an aquatic environment must be created in the aquarium that corresponds to the natural habitat of the animals. For this reason, the aquarium technology comprises artificial lighting systems, feed pumps, UV clarifiers, irrigation systems as well as CO2 systems. Obviously, all of these devices require controlling. Here, timers have proven to be handy helpers to implement a precise control of the aquarium technology, switching the components on and off at specified times.

The aquarium is a sensitive ecosystem that requires regular processes. To ensure the fish are kept at good health in a species-appropriate environment, the technology must function smoothly. In the operation of your aquarium, using a timer helps you to keep everything running. The timer must cover all necessary functions and be adaptable to the user’s requirements. Analogue as well as digital timers are suitable for automating the aquarium technology. By the way, the timer can also be used for terrariums which require similar control as aquariums.

The highlights of the topica smart

The topica smart is one of the few pluggable timers with astro function. This means that it can precisely calculate the start of day and night by way of geographic data. To automate the lighting system, for example, no additional equipment is required, fussy re-programming and unnecessarily long runtimes are avoided. The topica smart is a practical timer that is a great helper in many household tasks. It has a week and year function, also a pulse, cycle and random function, making it suitable for many everyday applications. It is the ideal tool for automating the aquarium or terrarium technology.

Digital timers have a reputation of being difficult to operate; the topica smart, however, is particularly user-friendly. It can be used and programmed via smartphone app. This is very easy thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface – you certainly do not have to be a timer programming expert to use the topica smart. The challenge of mastering the aquarium technology is complex enough as it is. Whether freshwater or saltwater aquarium, the programmable options allow for simple adaptation of the timer to the user’s individual requirements. The app introduces the user step by step to the programming, making the timer operation very easy.

Problems arise when the summer starts

Summer is lovely but it also brings problems. For example water shortage, which has become worse in recent years due to the climate change. Many gardeners fear for their flowers, their veggies, their lawn. To ensure a continuously water supply, artificial irrigation is indispensable. But who wants to walk around the garden holding the water hose for hours each day, and what happens when you’re on holiday? Here, an automatic irrigation system can help that provides water to the garden regularly, also when nobody is at home. A timer like the topica smart is the perfect partner when it comes to a precise time control of irrigation systems.

Many people are slightly uneasy when their summer holidays come up: Burglars often pick the vacation season to break into houses when the owners are away enjoying their holidays. The automated switching on of lamps in the house can help to make the house look like the inhabitants are at home. The lamp can be switched on and off at defined times. This simulated presence is very easy to realize by means of a timer. Simply plug the topica smart into the socket, connect the lamp, and program random times of day. Thus, your home is well protected, and you can enjoy your holidays without fearing for your property.

What are the characteristics of a good timer

User friendliness, high functionality, or the efficiency that characterize a well-designed timer are the result of many years of experience and technical expertise in the field. Furthermore, the timer should have a long useful life and not be susceptible to environmental conditions. Thanks to the high-quality material and state-of-the-art software, the pluggable timer from Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik is a highly reliable device. The currently programmed settings are retained even in the event of a power failure. The timer returns to the pre-programmed mode when power is restored. The company can look back on many years of experience in the development and manufacture of various switching technology devices.

For the topica smart, the focus is on the user. “It was important for us to develop a timer that is particularly well suited for private households while still featuring the benefits of our other models,” says the Head of R&D. Thus, the topica smart is one of the few pluggable timers with the sought-after astro function, which perfectly supplements its other functions. It goes without saying that the topica smart meets the high safety standards of Grässlin Zeitschalttechnik. No matter what you wish to automate in your home or garden: the topica smart is always the ideal solution.

The Schuko plug socket timer topica smart can be used for all tasks arising in the area of private households, but also in the industrial area as well as in trade. Here is an overview of the most important functions.

  • Socket outlet timer
  • Schuko plug
  • Weekly function
  • Yearly function
  • Astro function
  • Pulse / cycle / random function
  • Operable via smartphone (bluetooth)