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Access to time switch technology from the home office

By 31. March 2021July 14th, 2021DIN Rail Time Switches, DIN Rail Time Switches

talento smart LAN module makes the programming of time switches possible from home

The corona crisis has also largely banished engineers and building technicians to the home office. Visits to customers involve risks for both sides. At the same time, not only people but also buildings have to adapt to the new situation: Shops close, others change opening times, entrances are relocated. As a result, the control of doors, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation technology, access barriers, etc. must follow the changed requirements.

During this time, the advantages of the LAN module that Grässlin has developed for its talento smart DIN rail time switches become particularly clear. It enables location-independent access to the time switch technology in order to program and check it and to change existing programs. Risk-free from your desk at home.

Even the introduction of the app and the free PC software for talento smart saved the technician an enormous amount of time. Once he has downloaded the free software on his PC, he can conveniently create all the programs at his desk or make changes and send the program to his smartphone or tablet by e-mail. From there it can then be transferred to the time switch in the distribution box via Bluetooth. This is contactless, but not over any distance. So you have to drive to the location where the action is taking place or equip someone on site with the talento smart app in order to carry out the transfer.

In the current exceptional situation in particular, the talento smart LAN module in combination with the DIN rail time switch talento smart S25 offers a decisive advantage. By transferring data via a network or cloud, the installer can remotely control the time switches safely and securely, regardless of their location. The module is installed next to the timer in the distribution box and linked to a network. The LAN module communicates with a PC, tablet or smartphone via the network or cloud and transmits the new program to “its” time switch(es) via Bluetooth – convenient, fast and cost-saving. What was intended to make work easier is now proving to be downright necessary and one of the numerous examples of the advantages of digitization that are particularly evident in the crisis.

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