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trim 300: Atmospheric experience

By 26. January 2024Light Control

Light is essential for life! Light is atmosphere! Light is comforting and inspiring!

We all need light. During the day, we enjoy the light of the sun, but at night or on dark days, artificial lighting helps us. However, light is not always the same. Brightness is a crucial factor. In order to provide light of different brightness levels, there are dimmable lights and lamps. These lamps require a dimmer. A dimmer can be used to change the lighting mood, adapt the light to different uses of the room, save energy and increase the service life of the lamps.


An atmospheric experience –
with the trim 300 flush-mounted-dimmer

In addition to the trim 100 and trim 200 models, which we have previously presented, we are pleased to present the trim 300 dimmer for the flush-mounted switch box, another product of the trim family, which will soon be available in our shop. The trim 300 can be controlled by app via Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 and works like a full-featured timer. It has a weekly program, a yearly function and an astro function, as well as an additional power reserve of 2 hours. The functions and programs of the trim 300 are comparable with our popular talento smart C15 timer.

This is where the trim 300 is used

In public spaces

The trim 300 provides atmospheric lighting and the right ambience in museums, restaurants, concert halls and at all kinds of events.

In office buildings

The trim 300 can be used to adapt the lighting to the room utilisation or as an atmospheric light source, for example during meetings.

In industrial halls

By using the trim 300, the light can be adapted to the utilisation, which saves energy and ensures the required safety.

At home

Whether you are watching TV, reading, working or going to bed, the trim 300 adapts the lighting to your needs.

The trim family

trim 100

  • Simple dimmer for the flush-mounted switch box
  • Smallest size on the market (ideal for flush mounting)
  • Easiest installation due to 3-wire connection
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trim 200

  • Mesh Bluetooth Standard 5.0
  • Additional count down timer
  • Applications: – Staircase light function incl. pre-warning – Nursery light with fade out function
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trim 300

  • Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 for extending
    the range
  • Full-featured timer with
    Weekly program, annual function,
    Astro function
  • Energy measurement
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